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Fall Beauty & Skincare Must-Haves

Fall 2016 Beauty Must-Haves

My makeup and beauty philosophy has always been “less is more”. I like to find products that do the best job at the task so as not to have 12 different items that all do about the same thing crowding my shelves. I also prefer wearing minimal makeup, especially in the summertime – focusing to enhance my features and bring a look of “natural glow” – rather than a “done up” look.

However, as Fall and Winter weather rolls around, I usually adjust slightly and add more colors into my makeup look to embolden it & give my complexion a healthy luminescence that dryness and cold tend to take away.

My Color Season is a Warm Spring – which means that the colors I tend to wear are those that are brighter, more vibrant and more contrasty, but I also love some of the richer shades that border on Autumn as they add texture and depth to my look.

Here is a list of my favorite products that I use for Fall/Winter to achieve a “natural look” that’s polished, youthful and refreshed:

  1. REN Rose Oil. I love how light-weight and absorbing the oil is – and it smells great! I usually apply it under my moisturizer and sometimes just dab some on my cheekbones if I don’t want to put it all over – it makes an immediate difference! I posted about it in one my earlier posts – you can check out some of its benefits here!
  2. MAKE Beauty Marine Salve. I’ve added this product to my arsenal only recently after the brand reached out to me to test out a few of their new products, containing an edible marine algae that helps shield against environmental aggressors. I love that I can use the salve on my lips and other areas that have dryness on my face and body. It gives great shine too!
  3. DIOR Nude Air Glow Powder. The color I use is called “Fresh Tan” – it has a bit of shimmer, and I like that it’s a mix of several shades which create dimension when you swipe it on. One important makeup artist trick I learned when applying bronzer is to first apply to the areas of your face that would naturally get sun-kisses: forehead, down the bridge of the nose, cheekbones and chin. Once you’re created the contours, you can use a kabuki brush to blend it all over for a glowing finish.
  4. Chanel Blush. Chanel is always one of my go-to makeup and beauty brands – second to Dior; I think they have some of the best pigments in color makeup (and their products always smell great). I use their limited edition Blush compact all the time. Mine is sold out but this one is just as great. Similar to the bronzer, the trick to applying is to only put it on the areas of our face where you would naturally blush (apples of your cheeks). To get a precise application, smile at yourself in the mirror – so the apples of your cheeks protrude – and you can easily get the right spot (plus your smiling reflection always makes you feel better, doesn’t it?)
  5. Smashbox Lipsticks. I’ve always been a fan of the brand’s rich, textured colors and the “Love Me” Red has been my absolute favorite for several years (unfortunately, it’s all sold out as it was from their limited edition “LOVE ME” Collection). This Classic Red and this Warm Red Cream shades are similar. Another color that I recently picked up for Fall is called Made It, and it’s a matte brick brownish red. I absolutely love how it pulls all the Fall colors in my wardrobe together in just one swipe!
  6. Dior Blue Mascara. I have to say – this one is my signature. Blue & brown are color complements so blue mascara makes my brown eye color stand out. It’s also much more fun than black – and Dior’s Blue 258 is my absolute favorite shade (I like the non-waterproof version).
  7. Oval Brush. This unique brush shape has taken the internet by storm in the past few months with many “how-to” videos, showing how to achieve a flawless look with this type of tool. The idea is that it’s supposed to mimic your fingers in the way they blend and apply – and I have to say, I totally agree! I got mine at TJ Maxx for $12.99, but there are many more expensive versions out there that will make great holiday gifts, like this one, and this one to name a few.

As always, to get more personalized styling tips and if you’d like to go schedule my Makeup Lesson & Makeup Shopping Session, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Dina - Image Consultant, Wardrobe Editor, Personal Shopper of Modnitsa Styling

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