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Yellow Power for Spring and Summer Blog Post by Modnitsa Styling

Yellow Power For Spring & Summer

Yellow is one of my favorite colors & for a good reason. Its a color of optimism & brings that energy forward whenever you wear it - inspiring others to feel more positive. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a color many people shy away from -...

Colorful Elegance Blog Post Modnitsa Styling

Colorful Spring Elegance

I'm a huge fan of color, and consider myself a color enthusiast when it comes to my Wardrobe Styling work - encouraging my clients to add colors within their unique color palettes into their wardrobes, replacing black whenever possible....

Washington DC Shopping in Georgetown

DC Shopping Scene

My boyfriend was going on a business trip to DC this week, and I decided to tag along to "stretch my aura" and enjoy some time off from NYC. As usual, I dedicated a good portion of the trip to exploring the DC fashion and...